A. Canadian Military - Post WWI era

LOT #2 - WW2 New Brunswick Scottish Cap badge

A rather large badge with all lugs present and original.


WW1 RFC Royal Flying Corps Cap Badge

over 13,000 Canadians served in this corps during WWI


WW2 uniform button set (enlisted ranks): Canadian Women

Made of brass with all attachments intact


Curved Hull Regiment Metal Shoulder Titles

Lugs are in good order.


WW2 era Cap Badge - 16/22nd Saskatchewan Horse

both original lug type attachments in good order


Cap badge for the Argyll Light Infantry (Tank)


229th Batallion CEF Shoulder title

served with the 6th Battalion Railway troops ..


WWI era Hallmarked Set of INF shoulder titles

Hallmarked "BIRKS 1915"


WW2 Era Royal Regiment of Canada Cap badge

original condition; no repairs or replacement parts.


QC era Regina Rifles Sweetheart pin

Most likely late Korea period, 1953 period.


Lincoln & Welland Brass Titles set (2)

A nice set for St. Catherines folks.


KC Era Cap Badge for the Ontario Tank Regiment

lug type fasteners original & in good order.


QC era Royal Canadian Ordinance Corps carded set of 5

Included are two early flashes which may be Korea or WWII era.


QC era Royal Canadian Army Dental Corps set of 4

Also included is an early Dental Corps shoulder flash


CEF 194th Battalion Sweethart Pin

This battalion known as the Edmonton Highlanders


CEF WWI era 13th Brigade Amunition Column Cap Badge

An extremely hard to find badge.


WWII era Canada shoulder title set (2)

included are the cross pins.


WWII Era Bi-metal Canadian Parachute Corps Cap Badge

Both original lug typ fasteners are original and intact.


WW2 era Mediacl Corps Collar set - Officer

silver plated with some of the gold plated highlights still visible


WWII Era Princess Louise 8th Hussars Cap Badge

high quality badge with hallmark


WWII South Saskatchewan Regiment Cap badge (lot#2)

both lug type attachments in good order


KC Era Queens Own Rifles Regiment Cap & Collar Set (3)

high quality white metal badges


QC Era Regiment de Chateauguay Collar Device Set

lug type fasteners and cross pins on the reverse side.


CEF WW1 Lewis Gun Trade Badge Devise

Comes with original cross pin and brass backing


WWII era Cap badge for the Pacific Coast Militia Rangers (PCMR)

has both tang type fasteners orignal and intact.


WW2 era 2nd /10th Canadian Dragoons

both original lugs intact and in good order


QC era Canadian Armored Corps Collar Badge Set (2)

All have original lug type fasteners in good order


WWI era Canadian Army Dental Corps Collar Badge

Has both original vertically placed "lug" type fasteners


WWII era Grouping of 3 Band badges

One price for all 3 badges


WWI era King's Own Borderers Brass Title

comes with both original WWI era  "flat lug" type attachments