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Rare Canadian Army Airforce CAF 1920's Cap Badge (3rd Pattern)

A rare type of Canadian Air Force cap badge of 1920's vintage.


WW2 RCAF Enlisted Ranks Cap Badge & Shoulder Title

slightly "broomed" for wearing comfort by a previous owner.


Silver RCAF KC pin (pre 1953 era)

The enameling is near perfecton on this little beauty


1920's Navy Air wing Cap badge

The point at which the wings touch the crown is quite fragile. Most specimens of this type did not survive due to this design problem. ...


WW2 era British Royal Air Force (RAF) Lady's Compact

Note the "sterling silver" Hallmarks


WW1 RFC Royal Flying Corps Cap Badge

over 13,000 Canadians served in this corps during WWI


RAF king's crown Cap badge, of WW2 vintage (lot #2)

"Never has so much been owed by so many to so few!"


Rare Canadian Army Airforce CAA 1920's Cap Badge (lot#2)

both original lug type attachments in good order


KC era RCAF Bombardier Wing (WWII)

nice clean badge


WWII era RCAF service Chevrons

a rare find


RCAF 25 mission "O" Wing award

a rare find among WWII RCAF, badges.


Canada - QC era, pre '68 RCAF Navigator's Bullion Brest Badge

"puffy style backing


KC Era RCAF Association cap badge

vintage piece in like new condition.


RFC Gunner badge WWI (lot #2)

Over 100 years old.


Brass badge RCAF Nurses (Korea Era)

This rare badge was used by nursing sisters attached to the RCAF during the Korean Conflict 1950's.


RCAF QC Officer's wedge cap 2pc brass badge - post 1953

Officer's wedge cap 2pc brass badge - post 1953


RCAF pre 1968 Flying Officer's Bullion Cap Insignia

slightly puffy type !


RAF WWII era Flying Officer's Brest Patch

flat type with no puffy backing


RCAF WW2 Navigator/Bombadier wing patch

not puffy type


RCAF Albatross Insignia set of 2 uncut

for tropical field dress.


QC era RCAF Cap badge

both original lugs in good order.


Rare Canadian Air Force CAF 1920's Uniform Wings Badge


KC era WWII Glider Pilot Regiment cap badge


WWII Era RCAF Reservists Badge

hallmarked  "Breadner Co. Ltd. Ottawa" 


KC era RCAF #5 Squadron Lapel Pin

Has a "Sterling" hallmark.


RCAF QC Officer's wedge cap 2pc brass badge - post 1953 (lot#2)

Queen's Crown Era


WWII Era RCAF Reservists Badge (Skully)

Skully hallmarked


Post 1968 Air Force Uniform badge


Canada - Post '68 RCAF Navigator's Enameled Brest Badge

enameling 100%


Canada - Post '68 RCAF Flight Engineer's Enameled Brest Badge

like new condition



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