A. Canadian Military - Post WWI era

WWII era 7th/11th Hussars Cap badge

lugs and cross pin in good order


Post 1953 Canadian Army Service Corps Cap Badge (QC era)

very clean as issued.


WWII era Three Rivers Reg't title set (2)

original lug type attachments in good order.


WWII Era COTC Cap & Collar Set (3) for Saint of X University

all lugs original and intact.


1919 dated Returning Soldier's For Honorable Service Badge

"Caron Bros Montreal 1919" hallmark.


WWII era Canadian Technical Training Corps cap badge (lot #3)

Hallmarked "Scully Montreal"


CEF WWI era 190th Battalion Sweetheart

enameling is perfect, hallmarked "Dingwall"


Post 1953 era Royal Canadian Air Cadets Cap Badge

Older style badge


Post '68 era Provost corps set (3)

very clean set - enameling 100%


WRCNS 50 yr Commemorative (Women's Naval Service)

hallmarked "Tri Mar".


WWII era RAF Enameled w/ jewels, Sweetheart Badge


Rare Canadian Air Force CAF 1920's Cap Badge (type 1)

very rare type


KC era Alberta COTC Cap Badge

welded stem lug type attachments


WWII era British- American Regiment in Canada

If you have info on this badge please send an update for the record.


CEF Canadian Army Service Corps Collar Badge WWI (lot#5)

original lugs, nice patina


Cap badge for the 51st - Soo Rifles (Lot#2)

in 1913 this became the regimental cap badge


Queens Own Calgary Highland Regimental Ring WWII (1942 Dieppe) vintage

Dated 1942


WWII Canadian Army compass button

1943 dated, patented.


Royal Hamilton Light Infantry (Wentworth Regiment) Cap badge

Both lugs in good order.


WWII Cap badge for the 1st Cdn Armoured Personnel Carriers

Note the shape of the "O"


WWII RCN Officer cap badge

with hat band, still quite flexible


WWII Era German Tinnie Lot #1

WWII era small Tinnie


Set of 3 Post war Queen's Own cap & collar Set

nice clean set


WWI Era Seaforth Sweetheart Broach

this broach is specific for the 6th Battalion


pre 1968 Canadian Army Infantry collar badge set

chrome in color


217th Battalion title set of 2 badge

raised in the Qu'appelle Valley region of Eastern Saskatchewan.


QC era Cdn. Navy Diver Badge (plated Metal)

excellent condition


CEF 9th WW1 CEF Mounted Rifles Metal Shoulder Title

excellent condition.


WWI Era Cdn Army Service Corps Title

the badge is hallmarked "R'J' Inglis Limited"


Vancouver Regiment (Irish Fusiliers) Collar set

lugs are original and in good order