WW2 era 2nd /10th Canadian Dragoons

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You are viewing the scans for this exquisite offering of a solid browning brass WW2 era 2nd /10th Canadian Dragoons. The badge is in excellent condition with both original lugs intact and in good order.

Guaranteed original.

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History: In 1936, as part of wide-sweeping changes in the Canadian Militia at that time, the 2nd Dragoons and the 10th Brant Dragoons were amalgamated into one single regiment, the 2nd/10th Dragoons. The Regiment's hat badge was a variation of the 10th's hat badge, with the scroll now marked SECOND - DRAGOONS - TENTH, while a variation of the 2nd's "collar dog" badges (with the inscription there now reading 2nd/10th DRAGOONS) was used as the collar badges of the new Regiment, thus allowing the Regiment to keep both Sagitari and Pro Rege Et Imperio as its official motto. The new Regiment's squadrons were based at Saint Catharines, Hamilton and Brantford. At the start of World War II, the Regiment was not mobilized for war service right away, thus forcing many of its personnel to seek out other units to serve overseas. Eventually, an Active Force regiment (as an infantry battalion) was organized in 1942 as part of the 7th Canadian Infantry Division, serving in the Atlantic region of Canada. This Active unit was disbanded in late 1943 when the need to have home defence troops was seen as no longer necessary. The Reserve regiment remained in place, ready for use when required, parading at nearly full strength for an armoured reconnaissance unit throughout the war period. As this went on, many personnel eventually transferred to the Active Force. Of special note, 151 members of the Regiment eventually came to serve with the active battalion of The Royal Hamilton Light Infantry (Wentworth Regiment) and another 206 joined The Royal Canadian Dragoons for overseas service.