Pre 1914 Canadian Militia Badges

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7th Fusiliers Militia pre WW1 Cap badge

lugs are in good usable condition


CIX (109th) Canadian Militia Cap & Collar (pre WW1)

A rare set for the discerning Canadiana collector


103rd Calgary Rifles Reg't large badge

103rd Calgary Boar War era cross belt badge


33rd Huron Militia Regiment Collar-Dog

made of brass with all original lugs


post 1900 Canadian Militia Button (Edwardian Era) ( Lot#1)

A rare maker "Thomas Carlyle, Aston, Birmingham England".


26th Middlesex Canadian Militia Collar-dog

the badge has maple leaves


Edwardian Canadian Militia Button

Hallmarked "Firmin & Sons, London".


Victorian Era (pre 1900) Canadian Militia Uniform Button

The button is made of brass and clearly shows a Victoria crown


Victoria Era Brass Buckle (Provost corps)

appears to be made of heavy brass or bronze.


Canadian Militia Button Edwardian Era

We have four of these presently in inventory.


Boar War era Canadian Collar Badge

This badge has two flat lug type attachments


8th Central Ontario Militia Cap & Collar Grouping

all original horizontal lugs in good order


Pre 1900 Lot of 6 asst'd sizes of Canadian Militia Buttons

Hallmarked "Lewis Moses".


Canadian Militia Era 15th Argyll Light Infantry Collar badge

bares a date that appears to be 1912


13th Canadian Militia Cap & Collat set

The collars have an unusual lug set up


21st Alberta Horse Cap Badge)

both its original lugs intact and in good order.


Pre WWI Canadian Militia 33rd Huron Regiment collar or title

lugs intact with cross pin


8th Central Ontario Reserve Reg't

both welded stem lugs in excellent condition... 


14th Regiment PWO Rifles of Canada

Most likely a Boer War era badge


Canadian Militia Collar - Edwardian Crown

Haldimand Militia 1905


34th Canadian Militia Collar 1900-1910

A rare collar-dog from the 34th Canadian Militia, From the Haldiman county in Ontario.


38th Canadian Militia collar-Dog

Duffern Rifles of Canada raised from the Duffern area of Ontario.


80th Regiment of the Canadian Militia Collar-Dog (lot #1)

This badge is made or copper


94th Canadian Militia Regiment Collar-Dog

Scottish Regiment of the Pre WWI Canadian Militia


12th Militia Regiment Collar-Dog (silver)

This badge is is made of silver


Canadian Militia Button Edward VII Era

good clean example


Victorian Crown Hastings and Prince Edward Bullion Blazer Crest

no bullion wire is missing and is all still nicely in place. Good condition for its age...


Pre 1900 Militia era Winnipeg Rifles Cap Badge

lug type attachments original and in good order.


Canadian Militia Button Edward VII Era

Beaver design button


Victoria era Duke of Cornwall's Own Rifles Collar Badge

both original lugs in good usable order.


In this category you will find various Canadian Militia badges dating prior to WWI, and during the Boar War era of the 1890's. Some date back to the Pre confederation Fenian Raids era. All are in Canadian Dollars.