6. Sporrans, Webbing, Belts, Buckles, and Field Ge

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KC era PPCLI Solid Brass Belt Buckle

with the characteristic "VP" motto


Queens Own Belt Buckle (Canada)

made of plated heavy bronze


QC Era Royal 22nd Reg't



1919 dated Returning Soldier's For Honorable Service Badge

"Caron Bros Montreal 1919" hallmark.


QC Era Army Dental Corps Belt Buckle

very clean minor usage.


PPCLI Solid Brass Belt Buckle

has extra parts included.


Canadian Scottish Heavy Bronze Belt Buckle

very clean example


WWII Era Brassard (Arnband) Lot#1

made of heavy felt


Calgary Highland Sporran WWII Era

made of clean leather


15th Battalion (48th Highlanders) WWI Uniform Sporran

WWI era sporran 


WWI Era 6 Tassel Sporran

view the inscription on the back of the pouch


WWII Lee Enfield Rifle sling

like new condition


WWII US made Pioneer Cross-cut Saw Kit

this saw is good condition, never used.


QC Era Royal Canadian Army Pay Corps Belt Buckle

made of heavy bronze, w/"Gaunt Montreal" maker-marked.


QC Era Royal Canadian Army Ordinance Corps Belt Buckle

made of white metal plated brass


WWII era Canadian Brassard (armband) Lot#2

made of a thick linen fabric


Korea Era Brassard (Arnband) Lot#3

made of thick felt.


King's Crown Korea era Brassard (arnband) Lot#4

made of thick linen 


WWII Era Civil Defence brassard (armband) lot#5

made of khaki colored canvas


Two Tassel Sporran

horse hair sporran


The Canadian military field gear shown in this category are usually within the time period of 1914 to the modern era of the later unification period 
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