A. Canadian Military - Post WWI era

Halifax Rifles Cap & Collar Grouping (officer)

very clean condition


WWII era Hull Regiment Cap badge

A reserve armoured Regiment


WWII era RAF Sweetheart Broach (lot#1)

hallmark (BWRS by Accessocraft)


WWII RCAF Celluloid Sweetheart Button Holler

"They shall grow not old as we that are left grow old".


Canada - WWII era Merchant Marine Officer's Collar set (2)

with button-holler attachments!


WWII era Sweetheart badge for the Canadian Army Service Corps

sandcast method used in production.


WWII RCAF Sweetheart Broach


WWII era Canadian Legion Pin

 Hallmarked "C. Lalonde, Montreal".


WWII era Sweetheart badge for the Canadian Army Service Corps (lot#2)

an official Regimental sweetheart pin


WWII Era RCAF Reservists Badge

hallmarked  "Breadner Co. Ltd. Ottawa" 


WWII era Canadian Veteran Pin (Army Navy Airforce)

excellent condition


WWI Era 229th Sweetheart pin


KC era RCAF #5 Squadron Lapel Pin

Has a "Sterling" hallmark.


Scouting- Rovers Necker (nice)


QC era Provost Corps Cap Badge (Military Police)

excellent QC era badge 


WWII Era Algonquin Reg't (Lot#2)

 excellent overall condition


CEF188th Battalion Shoulder Title - WWI era

a rare find!


Post '68 era WOI (RSM) collar set (2) (lot#2)

Excellent condition, Enamel is 100%


RCAF QC Officer's wedge cap 2pc brass badge - post 1953 (lot#2)

Queen's Crown Era


KC Era Civil Defense Corps Lapel Pin

Hallmarked "Fattorini & Sons"


QC era Canadian Armored Corps Cap Badge

very clean condition


WWII Era RCAF Reservists Badge (Skully)

Skully hallmarked


British Empire League Badge (WWII era)

has a "Birks" Hallmark


Police Style Crown Insignia (2 pcs)


Post 1968 Air Force Uniform badge


WW2 Era Dufferin & Haldiman Rifles of Canada Cap Badge

Beautiful condition


WWII era RAF Sweetheart Pendant

made of celluloid material


WWII era Canadian Brassard (armband) Lot#2

made of a thick linen fabric


Korea Era Brassard (Arnband) Lot#3

made of thick felt.


King's Crown Korea era Brassard (arnband) Lot#4

made of thick linen