A. Canadian Military - Post WWI era

RCAF 25 mission "O" Wing award

a rare find among WWII RCAF, badges.


48th Highlander WWII era Cap Badge

a heavy chrome plated badge


WWII Era Brassard (Arnband) Lot#1

made of heavy felt


WWII Era Royal Canadian Engineer's Sweetheart Pin (sterling marked)


Canada - QC era, pre '68 RCAF Navigator's Bullion Brest Badge

"puffy style backing


QC era, pre 1968 Canadian Airborne Wings (Bullion)


Pre 1953 issue Victoria Rifles of Canada (Large Bonnet Badge)

existed from 1865 to 1965.


British Columbia Regiment (Duke of Connaught's Own) Cap Badge

original lugs in good usable order. 


The Canadian Scottish Regiment Cap badge (Officer Grade) Lot#1

very clean officer grade badge


Calgary Highland Sporran WWII Era

made of clean leather


15th Battalion (48th Highlanders) WWI Uniform Sporran

WWI era sporran 


WWI Era 6 Tassel Sporran

view the inscription on the back of the pouch


WWII Era Royal Canadian Dental Corps (Satchel Badge)

May have been on  a medical bag.


QC era Royal New Brunswick Regiment Collar set (2)


1966 Dated Canadian Navy Hat

size 7


WWII Lee Enfield Rifle sling

like new condition


WWII era Veterans Corps Collar set (2) - STILL CARDED

still in its original issue card


WWII era - 17th Duke of Yorks RC Hussars

black cheesecloth backing


WWII era - 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion shoulder flash

a rather rare find these days


WWI era Non-voided Canada Title (lot#2)

hallmarked ... "Caron Bros - Montreal 19..."


KC Era RCAF Association cap badge

vintage piece in like new condition.


WWI era CEF large format (5.3 cm)

Set of two


WWI era Voided Canada Title

very clean


WWII era Royal Canadian Army Chaplain Corps Title

Made of silver


Interwar era Norfolk Regiment Cap badge

Female figure also appears on the British WWII era badge


209th Battalion CEF Number title

Dated 1915


WWI era Canadian Garrison Artillery Title


WWI CEF 61st Field Artillery

A rare commemorative


Bronze Star Award Certificate

We can also PERSONALIZE this. All we need is your related information.


RFC Gunner badge WWI (lot #2)

Over 100 years old.